3 Reasons Why Your Dates Always Disappoint You

Dating apps and sites are supposed to make finding love easy. Well, at least in theory. You create a profile, chat with someone, get to know them, and if you happen to like them, you go on a real date and poof – magic happens. Right? Well, not for me. Don’t get me wrong, everything was fine and dandy when I talked to guys online. However, every time we decided to meet in person, I would find myself sitting across from a stranger who was either a complete dud or a complete creep. Bummer.

The problem is that dating sites such as various BBW dating services I was using let you build an entire relationship before you meet your ‘partner’ face to face. And when that happens, you often realize that the whole thing doesn’t work in real life. If you had the same experience and are wondering what the hell happened to your online Prince Charming, here are a couple of eye-openers.

BBW dating

A LOL maniac

Every time you crack a joke you instantly receive a LOL message from him, which makes you believe you have the same sense of humor. However, the truth is he is just typing those three magic letters automatically, without even reading what you have written for the most of the time. If you often receive a LOL without any other reaction, don’t sign up for that stand-up comedy night just yet.

He makes you feel so special

Let us be real for a second; if you are just talking to one guy at a time, you are probably the only person who is doing it. People usually cast a wide net on dating sites and talk to as many users as possible. So, if you really believe that you are the only one who has his attention, you need a serious reality check.

You think you know him

After a week of exchanging messages, you feel like you have known this guy forever. After all, you know what his favorite food is and what he likes to watch on TV. But, then you meet in person and it suddenly hits you – he is a stranger. Well, of course he is! Let me put it this way – you know that feeling when you read a book and then watch a movie based on it, and the main character just doesn’t talk/look/act the way you’ve imagined it? It is like that. When it comes to dating, your vivid imagination can be your biggest enemy.

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