3 Reasons Why Dating a Cougar Might Be Your Cup of Tea (and Sex Is Not One of them)

According to popular belief, guys want to be with young, sexy girls who are in their 20s, whose faces still haven’t started to wrinkle and who can still maintain a healthy weight without worrying too much about their diet. However, more fellows are starting to see the benefits of dating a cougar nowadays. Not only are these women equally sexy and attractive like younger ladies, but they are also mature, successful, and experienced. If you still are not a member of the cougar dating club, read the list below and you will see why dating a cougar is something every man should do at least once in his life.

cougar dating club

They are smart and sophisticated

Cougars are successful ladies and being with an older woman might just be the right thing for you, especially if you’re into intellectual stimulation. These women are perfectly capable of carrying an intellectual conversation and they know how to behave like real ladies. While younger girls think that breaking a nail or embarrassing yourself in front of a stranger is the end of the world, cougars have learned not to sweat the small stuff. When they fall, they get up, fix their dress and move on with their head held high.

They are more playful

How is that even possible when younger girls go partying every night? Well, when you start dating a younger girl, she immediately starts analyzing you to see whether you could be good marriage and father material or are just someone whose name she won’t even remember one day. On the other hand, cougars are not looking for their future baby daddy. All they want is to have some fun, so they go with the flow instead.

They can teach you a lot of things

There’s so much to learn from an older woman, and she will give you the opportunity to see another perspective on a lot of different issues. Since she is way more experienced than you, she will help you grow up and become a real man. On the other hand, since she is a successful career woman, she can help you make important contacts and climb the corporate ladder. Being with a cougar can benefit you in every way and give you a jump-start on life.

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