4 Qualities You Need to Possess if you wish to Date a Disabled Girl

If you want to dazzle a girl you have met on one of the disabled dating sites, you need to possess several key attributes. And no, these have nothing to do with strong arms or perfect abs, as you’re about to see.

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Be patient

You need to be patient with the person you are dating and accept there will be varied reactions from the society. Yes, some people will stare and others will be plain rude. However, you can’t turn into a raging drama queen every time it happens. We get it; you might want to seem protective and chivalrous but the chances are you will just annoy your date. Furthermore, you need to be patient in other everyday events as well, which means that snapping is not an option. For instance, you can’t get pissed off just because someone bumped into your date and didn’t apologize.

Be confident

A girl in a wheelchair needs to know that you will be as confident with her as you would be with any other woman. Being in a relationship with a disabled person requires a special type of self-esteem. She is not your dirty little secret and she shouldn’t be treated as such.

Be genuine

Don’t date a woman in a wheelchair just because you feel sorry for her and think she needs love. Also, don’t be afraid to turn her down if you don’t have feelings for her. Getting more and more involved with someone just because you don’t want to hurt their feelings will only make things worse. You need to keep in mind that most disabled individuals made peace with their handicaps a long time ago. Therefore, treat your lady like you would any other girl! She was fine before you walked into her life, and she will be fine if you break up. All in all, don’t baby her or treat her with extra sympathy just because you feel insecure around her.

Be funny

Yes, your date is disabled but it doesn’t mean you must sit in the house every time you get together. Go out and do something fun!

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