4 Simple Ways You Can Remove Drama from Your Dating Life

Most parts of dating are fun and exciting. You get to go out, meet new people, check out new places and have a good time. However, there is this dramatic part of dating we all hate because it gives us a headache. So, if you are actively dating via some random free dating service and want to make the whole process easier, there are some simple guidelines that can help you avoid heartache.

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Stop playing games

Dating itself is simple but we tend to make it complicated. Do you often play hard to get, delay replying to messages or mask your true feelings? If the answer is yes, don’t be surprised that your dating life resembles a Greek tragedy. If you like someone, you need to act like it and be honest about your intentions and expectations. We’re not saying you should tell your date you want to have a big family and live in the suburbs the moment you meet them, but don’t look uninterested when, in fact, you are.

Stay true to yourself

Of course, it is way easier to date someone if you pretend you like all of their favorite things but you need to stop with this deception if you want to avoid all the drama. Sooner or later, your date will figure out who you are for real, so why not be honest about it from the beginning?

Dating is not an obligation

You need to bear in mind that dating is not something you have to do or the world will fall apart. For instance, if you have just ended a long-term relationship or have a lot of family-related problems going on, it’s best to stay single until you are in the right headspace to date again. Searching for love shouldn’t be used as a distraction tactic because it almost inevitably ends in a disaster.

Set boundaries

Don’t be surprised that your dating life is a mess if you are always going out with emotionally unavailable individuals who play games. If you realize that your date is only looking for drama, you need to pack your bags and move on, no matter how cute or smart they are. When you start dating individuals who are in touch with their emotions, who make their intentions and goals clear and don’t play childish games, your love life will become much less dramatic.

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