4 Things You Should Do Before You Go on a Date with That Cute Guy

Preparing for a first date can be stressful and you will probably forget to do several things in all that hurry. While we’re certain you’ll remember to put on your makeup and grab your car keys, there is also an entire list of things that you should do if you want to have a pleasant dating experience. Therefore, regardless of whether you are going out with a member of the cowboy, biker or HIV dating community, we suggest you read the following so that you can arrive at your date completely prepared.

HIV dating community

Break in your new shoes

It’s only natural if you want to look great on your first date with a handsome guy, but not at the cost of comfort. Therefore, give those new shoes a test run before your date, not during it, or you will spend the evening counting the minutes until you get to go home and take them off, which can be rather distracting.

Remember your date’s name

We know this one sounds silly, but you are probably talking to a lot of guys online in this modern age of dating sites and apps, so forgetting your date’s name is not entirely impossible. If you are bad at remembering names, think of something that rhymes with his. This trick might be simple but it works!

Keep track of your food allergies

If you have some food allergies, you should know where you are going before you agree to go on a date. What will happen if you are allergic to shellfish and he is taking you to a seafood restaurant? Therefore, ask your guy what he has planned for your date, and if you do not know anything about that place, look it up online.

Check out your planner

Nothing can ruin the first impression more than being late. Therefore, check out your planner and make sure you have enough time to prepare for it. Based on other things you have planned for that day, you will know whether you have time to visit your hairstylist and choose several outfits or just take a quick shower and make a ponytail.

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