5 Amazing Tips That Will Help You Seduce Your Date

When it comes to sex, men are usually eager to get down to business but they often forget about the most important part of the equation – seduction.  Sorry guys, but you need to realize that the process of tempting and attracting that special someone is what get’s our juices flowing. We need to be seduced so if you want to get dessert, you need to have dinner first. While it is easy to meet people online, going on an actual date and seducing a woman is a tricky part. So, here are some tips that will definitely help you dazzle your date.

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Take it slow

We know that you want to act like a bull in a china shop and do all those freaky things that go through your mind, but you need to chill! That kind of behavior is not hot or exciting and you will end up going home alone and taking a cold shower.

Act confident

How can you seduce a woman when you are staring at the floor the whole time? Okay, maybe you are not that confident, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fake it! You can make others believe that you have a high self-esteem with your body language and the presentation you are putting forward.

Always dress to impress

The clothing you wear is your packaging. No matter how great a product is, we won’t take it off the shelf if it is placed in awful packaging. Therefore, don’t just throw on a pair of ripped jeans and a washed out shirt when you’re going to a date. Also, take the time to groom appropriately. A unibrow is never sexy so get those tweezers out of the drawer and actually use them! Trim those nose hairs, shave and do anything you need to look your best.

Smell incredible

Trust us, women love it when their date smells amazing. So take a bath, wear deodorant and put on a good cologne. However, make sure that you don’t go overboard, you don’t want to suffocate your potential match (and every other person around you).

Set the mood

Your date needs to know that you appreciate her and that she is worthy of your effort. Therefore, don’t forget to pull her chair out, open the door for her and help her take her coat off. Those little gestures mean a lot to us, and you will surely be rewarded for acting like a gentleman.

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