7 Things You Need To Know About Women

Okay guys, I understand that many of you want to meet a cougar, but before you put on your cologne and dress up, you should ask yourself whether you really know what women think, feel or need. Now, do you really believe you have what it takes to impress an experienced and mature lady? Here are some things you need to know about women if you want to be successful at dating in general.

meet a cougar

We appreciate sincerity

Believe it or not, we can tell if you are doing things out of a real desire or because you feel pressured to. As soon as we sense that you are buying us gifts or calling us just because you feel like you have to, we are gone.

Small displays of affection count more than anything

Subtlety is the key to making us happy. A single rose, a chocolate bar or bringing us soup when we are sick will make us appreciate you more. Kissing us in public so that everyone can see we are taken is not something that will knock our socks off, though.

We pay attention to how you treat your mother

It doesn’t matter whether we like your mother or not, if you are rude to her all the time, we know we don’t want to date you.

We give you a chance to come clean

When we ask you a question we already know the answer to, we are not trying to corner you into a confession. Nope, we are just giving you a chance to come clean so use it wisely.

We need proof

Maybe you love a woman, but if you don’t tell her it doesn’t count. Yes, we really need you to say those words, actions are not enough.

Playfulness is hot

We all love mysterious guys who intrigue us, but that kind of behavior gets old really fast. If you don’t have a good sense of humor and can’t make us laugh, nothing else you do will make us want to date you.

Show some gratitude

When we make an effort to surprise you or go out of our way to do something for you, the least you can do is show us some gratitude. Don’t take our actions for granted, because we will dump your ass and move on.

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