Dating Tips for Women: 4 Things we Never Do Before a Date (but we Should)

When you are a woman, getting ready for the date can be nerve-wracking indeed. We like to change several outfits, question our every choice, call our friends and consider bailing out at least three times before we finally pull ourselves together and go out. So, if you have just got back on the market and joined some of cowboy, trucker, or motorcycle dating sites, odds are you will be a walking wreck before your big date. Therefore, we have prepared this list of 4 things you should do before you go out.

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Put deodorant in your bag

If you are like most women, you probably always have a big purse with you. Therefore, there is probably room in it for one small deodorant. Keep in mind that it can be warm in restaurants and crowded coffee shops, and if you add alcohol to the equation you will surely start to sweat. It is not a cute look, especially if you are wearing a light grey or a pink dress. Those sweat stains will be visible like Las Vegas lights, and your whole look will be ruined. So, just excuse yourself, go to the restroom and spray on some deodorant to stay fresh throughout the date.

Exfoliate your lips

The last thing you want to do is apply lipstick on chapped lips. Therefore, make sure you exfoliate them before you go on a date. Men pay attention to woman’s lips, especially if they plan on kissing them at the end of the night. However, if your lips are completely cracked and you put lipstick on, they will just look awful. So, take a few minutes before your date to exfoliate them if you want to look flawless.

Wear perfume

Whenever he smells that scent, he will remember you. You don’t have to call him or text him because you will instantly be on his mind if a girl with the same perfume walks by. However, make sure you always use the same kind since this little trick won’t work if you constantly change it.

Build a positive attitude

Before you go out, tell yourself that you look amazing and that this date is going to be great. This kind of pep talk will help you impress your potential match because you will go on a date with a positive attitude, a great mindset, and an inviting vibe. Guys want to go out with a girl who is full of energy and life. You can spend all day doing your hair and making sure that your makeup is flawless, but if you don’t have this kind of energy, your date won’t be impressed.

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