Interesting Facts About Drag Queens

If you assumed that all of the drag queens are gay, that they are making a lot of money by dressing up as women or that they are all the same, think again. We are bringing you top facts about this art form.

Interesting Facts About Drag Queens

What is a drag queen? It is a term used for a man who dresses up as women and acts usually more feminine than the ladies. If you are wondering about your crossdressing husband, there is a bunch of crossdressing questions and answers posted on the Internet. But if you are too lazy to search for them, we are bringing you top facts about drag queens.

They aren’t all gay

Yes, the majority of them are gay, but not all of them. Even straight men who have families and children are drag queens. Drag is an art form that requires participants to play specific roles, and not a way of life.

They don’t want to be women

There are some transgender women who are drag queens, but most of them don’t want to be women. They simply enjoy this art form which allows them to be creative and express themselves. They’ve created characters that they play.

It’s not as easy as it looks

Do you think that going on stage and performing is easy? It takes a lot of gut and confidence. Putting on the costumes is time consuming, and those wigs and dresses are not cheap at all. You have to create a character and stick to it. Keeping the audience engaged and entertained isn’t at all easy. Just ask any performer.

They have regular jobs

Yes, drag queens can be lawyers, doctors or school teachers. Most of them have regular day jobs which puts food on the table. Only small number of drag queens can make their living from drag. Most of them are considering this as a part time hobby, a very expensive hobby to be precise. These people enjoy playing other characters and they do it for fun, not money.

They aren’t all the same

There are no two people in this world that are alike. Same goes for drag queens. Every character is different and has its own unique personality. Although the performance style may be similar, every drag queen has that special something that separates them from the others.

They don’t like the dressing up process

Actually, most of them hate it. It is not fun at all since it is usually uncomfortable and painful. But once they put on the final touches they forget all about it.

They don’t have to shave

Most of drag queens shave their facial hair, but there is a form of drag that doesn’t require shaving. These drags can leave their beards alone and apply make up around it. Some of drag queens shave their facial hair but not their arm or leg hair.

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