Stop Doing These 3 Things On Dating Sites NOW

Everybody is single for a reason. That reason may include anything, from a recent divorce to being too picky or not dating on the internet. These reasons might be numerous, but one thing is for sure – you won’t be able to change your relationship status unless you change your game. Today, we’d like to present the top 3 most common mistakes people make when using free singles dating sites.

free singles dating sites

#1: Having a Brief Profile

Writing a thing or two on your profile is not going to attract anyone’s attention, at least not the kind of attention you’re hoping to get. People who spend more than 20 minutes creating their online dating page are much more likely to meet people online than those who spend 10 minutes or less. Take your time and really make sure your profile represents you in the best possible light. Include nice photos and comments or tweets about the things you find important in life and in your potential dates.

#2: Featuring an Old Profile Picture

Your profile picture is the single most important aspect of your dating profile. It needs to be fresh and show you as a down-to-earth person who is relatable instead of arrogant or difficult to please. Make sure your profile picture is a headshot of yours and you’re alone in the picture so there is no confusion which person is you. Keep changing it every two to three weeks as a sign you’re serious about maintaining your page on a regular basis, and to give the other users something new to look at.

#3: Passively Waiting For Something To Happen

In online dating, just like in local dating, it’s crucial to take initiative and be as proactive as possible. Sitting around and waiting for something great to happen is not a strategy, and neither is hope. The one thing you need to do is follow the site’s suggestions for you, but in addition, you need to contact the members you like, start a conversation, and see where it leads. It’s much more likely you’ll go out on a date if you ask someone out than if you wait to be asked. Browse that member base regularly to see what’s out there and shoot a cheeky message to the people that get your attention. It could lead to some wonderful things in the near future.

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