Top 3 Senior Dates to Avoid

Once you’ve mastered senior dating sites and met a potentially good match, it’s time to take things to the offline world and start seeing each other in person. You probably have a few date ideas already, but before you make your choice, we’d like to draw your attention to a few things you should definitely avoid when it comes to your first date. Once you get to know each other a little bit better, you could introduce a more variety into your dates, but for the time being stick to the basics and get to know the person.

#1: Hiking

Although staying active past a certain point in life is crucial for maintaining good health, not everyone finds a taxing physical activity like hiking amusing. To make sure you don’t put your date in an uncomfortable situation where they have to explain all the reasons why their lower back wouldn’t appreciate a hike through the woods, stay away from suggesting anything of that sort. This includes riding bikes, going dancing or going bowling. Stick to the basics and take your date out to see a live show followed by a traditional meal. Leave any kind of experimentation for later once you get to know your partner a little better.

#2: Church Meetings

Notwithstanding the fact that many seniors appreciate what the church does for the community, participate in its activities, and often go to service, just because someone is older doesn’t necessarily mean they’re religious. Plus, with so many different religions out there this isn’t something that should even be brought up as a topic on the first date because it may cause unnecessary disagreements between two people who’d actually make good companions or partners. It’s understandable that most seniors are set in their ways when it comes to church and political matters, but practicing a little flexibility and showing interest in someone with different views never hurt anyone.

#3: Family Get-Togethers

Mature singles usually need a little more time to assess the situation and see whether someone is the right match for them on various levels. They’ve seen it all and have long stopped relying on the butterflies in their stomach or physical attraction. That’s why it’s important to respect this fact and give your senior date enough time to relax in your company before introducing them to your friends and family. What’s more, they’d probably be comfortable if you kept the fact you were seeing each other under wraps for a while before announcing it to the world.

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