Top 3 Tips for Letting a Metalhead Down Easy

If you’ve got a metalhead who is crazy about you, but you’re not feeling the spark for whatever reason or are just not free to like him, there are ways to let him down easy and try to maintain a friendship. If metalhead dating isn’t for you, check out our top 3 tips to get out of an uncomfortable situation unscratched.

#1: Don’t Return His Phone Calls

If your metalhead won’t take no for an answer, you have to limit your communication with him whenever possible. Never call him, even if you’re good friends, and don’t return his calls either. You’ll go back to regular communication once you’re sure he’s over you, but keep your cool and ignore his calls for now. The point here isn’t for him to ‘get the message’. You should deliver the message loud and clear and be consistent with your behavior. You should ignore his attempts to communicate with you if he simply won’t let go of you even after you’ve told him the two of you are not happening.

#2: Keep the Texts Short

Don’t spend your entire afternoon texting the metalhead crushing on you badly because you won’t be able to get rid of him. If you must communicate, keep your texts as short and precise as possible. Don’t tell him all about your day or what the vet told you when you took the cat in. If you talk to him one day and ignore him the next, you’ll just confuse him and give him hope that he could turn things around with you. Unless that’s what you want, maintain minimal communication necessary to be civil.

#3: Give Clear Reasons

Talking to him in person and explaining the reasons why you’re not together works far better than saying it via text. Looking him in the eye as you’re stating your reasons why you two are not going to be together gives you a chance to be honest. You can only hope that he would understand where you’re coming from, and maybe just maybe he’d be able to relate to what you’re saying. If you don’t explain your reasons for rejecting him, you run the risk of him bothering you for weeks or even months before he gives up. Plus, the more honest you are, the higher the chance the two of you would go back to being friends once he finds someone else to date and forgets about you.

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