Types Of Fetishes That Will Make You Jaw Drop

You can’t even imagine what kind of stuff are people into these days. They can get aroused by anything, from clowns to bugs. You name it, someone has the hots for it. If you don’t believe us, we have prepared a little list for you.

That Will Make You Jaw Drop

There are so many weird types of fetishes. If you think you saw some freaky stuff, think again. Here is our list of top weird fetishes. Do any of these turn you on?


When you read about this one you will never look at Halloween the same way again. These guys get aroused from dressing up as animals. They call themselves ‘plushies’ and ‘furries’. The animal instinct is strong with these guys.


Many girls, especially in their teen years and twenties are attracted to bad boys. And we totally get it. But when you are sexually aroused by rapists, murderers and armed robbers, things tend to get a little weird.


You remember sweet, innocent E.T? Well, that movie is like porn to these guys. They are sexually attracted to aliens, however, they don’t claim to have had experience with them. They just think that the whole experience would be exciting. Well, who knows, maybe one day they will find out.


Many people are disgusted by bugs, but formicophiliacs love them. And we mean love them! They get turned on by having insects crawl over their body. The more they bite the better. Some formicophiliacs even place insects in various bodily openings and experience sexual pleasure from the insects trying to escape.

Sploshing and Sitophilia

These guys are aroused by food fights. Well, not exactly, but they love to be covered in wet, messy, food substances. Sploshers on the other hand love to be covered in mud, oil and paint.


They really miss their childhood. Autonepiophiliacs love to dress up as babies, with diapers and all, and to be cuddled by their partner as they were a baby. You would think that people like this are rare, but almost 15,000 Americans consider themselves autonepiophiliacs.


Definition of fetish says that it is a fixation on a non living object or a non sexual body part. Well, trichophiles are turned on by hair. They want to caress and kiss the locks. Talking about creepy hairstylists.


These guys don’t play catch me if you can. They love to get caught. It is like kleptomania gone wild.


You can assume what this means. These fetishists are turned on by small spaces. Lock them in a closet and they are on fire.


This is definitely one of the weird fetishes. Losing a limb is always a traumatic experience for everyone, and people who come in contact with these individuals usually respond with sympathy and compassion. Acrotomophiliacs get sexually aroused by seeing amputees. There are also apotemnophiliacs, individuals who get turned on at the thought of being amputees themselves. Sexy, isn’t it?

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